The Mambo King BrunchWe start with a plate of fresh seasonal fruit. Then you select your entrée from our “Platos” or “Omelettes” menu. We finish with a selection of fresh sopapillas or cinnamon roll. Includes bottomless mimosa’s!!!   $12.95

Plato’s de Desayunos
Includes pappas mexicanas, black beans, and fresh tortillas

Huevos RancherosTwo eggs over easy served on top of a grilled corn tortilla and topped with ranchilla sauce.  $7.95

MigasScrambled eggs cooked with corn tortilla strips, salsa rojo, and cheese.  $7.95

ChilaquilesTwo eggs over easy served on top of corn tortillas cooked in salsa verde.  $7.95

Huevos con BarbacoaTwo eggs over easy served with mexican bar-b-que and slices of fresh avocado.  $8.95

Huevos a la MambosScrambled eggs cooked with bacon, peppers and corn tortilla strips.  $8.95

Includes pappas mexicanas, black beans, and fresh tortillas

3 CheeseCooked with Monterrey Jack, cheddar and anejo cheese.  $7.95

Ham and Cheese
Loaded with ham, cheddar and Monterrey Jack cheese. $8.95

BrisketSlow cooked brisket sauteed with onions and poblano peppers and topped with Jack cheese and pasilla pepper sauce.  $8.95

FajitaLoaded with tender beef fajitas, Monterrey Jack and cheddar cheese.  $9.95

VegetablesServed with sauteed mushrooms, zuchini, carrots, and poblano peppers.  $8.95

De Carne
Fajita and eggsTwo eggs (your way) served withtender fajitas, pappas, and beans.  $12.95

Ribeye and EggsTwo eggs (your way) served with a boneless ribeye, beans, and pappas.  $16.95

Side Dishes
Fresh Fruit    $2.95
1/2 order Sopapillas    $2.95
Hot Cinnamon Roll   $3.95
Pappas Mexicanas    $2.95

BeveragesOrange Juice   $2.50
Cranberry Juice   $2.50
Spicey Tomato Juice   $2.50
Mimosa or Poinsetta   $2.00
Frozen Bellini   $3.00
Bloody Mary   $3.00
Coffee, Tea, Soft Drink   $2.50

Child’s PlatesIncludes beveragePancakes with Bacon   $4.95
Ham and Cheese Omelette   $4.95
Ham and Egg Plate    $4.95
Bacon and Egg Burrito   $4.95